Where the end of the Alps meets the beginning of Pannonia, with a touch of the Mediterranean. Eisenberg’s prime location, nestled between the mild Pannonian climate and the more humid, cooler East Styrian Hills, creates optimal growing conditions for our vines. The intense Pannonian sunshine gives the grapes a long ripening period.

Underneath the soil lies 500-million-year-old green slate and phyllite, which has been covered by younger silt, sand and clay layers with different levels of calcareous content.
The vines get their strength and mineral structure from this aged soil, creating a wonderfully unique flavour.

Our wines are complex with great notes and aging potential that reflect the location, soil and climate.

Blaufränkisch variety

Also known as “Pinot Noir of the East”, the Blaufränkisch variety is a natural cross between the Blue Cinnamon Grape and the White Heunisch.

The typical bouquet of this late-ripening grape variety is characterised by deep notes of wild berries, cherries and delicate herbal spices. The taste is precise and lively, with a mild sour flavour and distinctive tannin structure. Through the extraction of the skins, the berries create a deep ruby red wine with a purple shimmer.